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Moderating at Chief Digital Officer Summit 2014

Wingate has spoken at or moderated panels at industry conferences including Digital Hollywood, CTIA, SXSW, Billboard Live, Collision, Rethink Music, CDO Summit, Jupiter Plug-In, Digital Music Forum, MIDEM, Credit Suisse, Business Week, the Music Business Association, Canadian Music Week and NY Media Festival.


VERSOFEST 2023: The Business of Music (Moderator) 4/23

Oh Brother Podcast 11/22

VERSOFEST “Foundations of Audio Production” 5/22

Music Tectonics, 10/21

Mondo Music & Technology Conference: “Digital Streaming: Envisioning a More Equitable Model”, 10/21

Clubhouse: Storytellers, 5/21

Canadian Music Week: Be Present Everywhere, 5/21

The Smartest People In The Room: Interview with Musiio’s Hazel Savage, 5/21

Amplify Music: Where Organizations and Leaders are Taking the Year Ahead, 4/21

WHO KNEW: The Smartest People In The Room, 11/20,

Mondo Music & Technology Conference, 10/20, Game Changing Tech for Artists: Discover New Ways to Create, Monetize, and Experience Music

American Association of Independent Music, 6/19, A2IM

Music Business Association, 5/19, Stems: Unlocking the Hidden Value in A Song

NY Media Festival, 10/18, Digital Music Forum

New York, 10/18, Mondo Music & Tech

Monmouth University, 4/18, Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town: An International Symposium

NY Media Festival, 9/17, The State of Music Startups

Who Knew NY, 9/17, Making the Music Industry Accessible

Canadian Music Week, 4/17, Re-Setting the Music Business Hard Drive

Music Business Association, 5/17, Investing, Incubation & Funding for Music Startups

Collision Tech (New Orleans), 5/17, Rediscovering Music

NY Media Festival, 9/16

Mondo Music and Tech Festival, 9/16, Why Can’t Music Apps Get Funding?

Music Business Assoc, 5/16, Investor Chat: Proof of Idea Required

Canadian Music Week, 5/16, Online Music Marketing: Social Media and Digital Distribution

SxSW, 3/16, You Can’t Pay Bills with Facebook Likes